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Dual Language

Dual Language Spanish

In Dual Language Education, students receive instruction in all content areas in both English and a second language (referred to as the target language) beginning in kindergarten. At the elementary level, students have a minimum of 50% of each instructional day in the target language.

Program Goals

The three goals are bilingualism and biliteracy, academic achievement in both languages and sociocultural competence.

Who Can Participate?

All students may participate in a Dual Language program beginning in kindergarten or first grade. However, only English Learners with a high level of proficiency in English can be enrolled in a program of a different target language.

At What Grade-Level Can My Child Enter?

District Dual Language Education programs begin in kindergarten. English Learners of the target language may enter the program at any time. English speakers who wish to enter the program at second grade or above will be assessed in the target language. Their target language performance must be on a par with students already in a program. This will be determined at the school site.

Advantages of Bilingualism

  1. Being able to learn words more easily.
  2. Better listening skills.
  3. More flexibility in thinking.
  4. Gives a student a head start in language requirements for college.
  5. Increases job opportunities.
  6. Promotes cultural awareness.